Best Jeans for Curvy Women

Best Jeans for Curvy Women
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Historically, buying jeans has been a problem for curvy women. Fortunately, as brands today (slowly) catch the idea that girls with sizes of 12 and more are worth to look well. And now we have a diverse set of style options as our sisters with a straight size. Below we collected some of the best models on the market.

If you are a plus-size girl, you know better than anyone else that, even though the fashion industry has come a long way in introducing clothes in different sizes, jeans fabric can still be tricky.

For full-figured women, finding a jeans pair can be very tough. You need jeans that will highlight all your best assets without being uncomfortable or too baggy that is even worse.

Best Jeans for Curvy Figure – What to Pay Attention to?

Even fashion icons and top glamour girls with seemingly boundless confidence have difficulty in climbing into a pair of designer jeans. Everyone has a question: how to wear jeans for  a curvy figure and look stylish? What jeans are the most flattering for ample curves?

The universal question hangs over clothes: how to wear white jeans and look modern? Are light denim trousers completely unflattering for most body shapes? Which shoes to choose – heels or sneakers? What colors are the best? How to combine jeans with other clothes? Read this article up to the end to know the answers to these questions.

There are 2 universal style rules for curvaceous ladies:

FIRST RULE – choose clothes made from light matte (non-shining) fabrics, which don’t make look fat, but wrap you in a shining light and add freshness to your skin, and the divine radiance to the whole image.

SECOND RULE – cover the problem sides (with the jackets, raincoats, scarves, long shirts) to become slimmer. Such clothing creates vertical lines in your outfit and your figure stretches up, shrinking in width.

Here some links to clothing items that can be successfully combined with jeans and that are ideal for plus-size figures:

Bgsd Women’s “amber” Lambskin Leather

BGSD Womens Amber Lambskin Leather

Roamans Women’s

Roamans Womens

Daily Ritual Women’s Plus Size

Daily Ritual Womens Plus Size

Zeagoo Women’s Sleeveless

Zeagoo Womens Sleeveless

So, we hope now you have an idea of what kind of upper garments will fit the jeans. This leads us to the question…

Best Curvy Girl Jeans – How to Choose a Well-Fitted Pair?

In order for jeans to visually slender legs and emphasize the seductive rounded forms of the body, you need to learn how to pick them correctly. There some tips:

  • Do not choose white, light, pastel and warm tones, since they have an undesirable completeness property. Opt for matte dark colors, which visually hide a few inches
  • Pockets play a big role. For example, small pockets make the buttocks bigger. Also, avoid side pockets, appliqués, embroideries, lightning and rhinestones on the sides and along the line from pockets to knees.
  • Jeans need to match exactly to your size. The small ones will crash, squeeze and constrain movement. Large ones, in addition to being “hanging” on your figure, will add a couple of unwanted pounds.
  • Under no circumstances you should choose jeans with a low waist – hanging bows and belly still have not added any attraction. But the high waist will tighten the stomach and make the silhouette slim and graceful.
  • When choosing shortened jeans, be extremely careful. An incorrectly compiled image will mercilessly destroy your figure.
  • It is best to choose jeans from soft thin denim, for example, from the stretch. They will not form wrinkles, stretch well and perfectly hide the imperfections of the figure.

Well, these are general recommendations for choosing curvy girl jeans. Go ahead – 2018 jeans trends include:

  • Jeans with high waist . You need to choose jeans with a high line of the middle belt of trousers and a high waist. With this model, you can easily hide the flaws of the figure!

Levi’s Women’s Plus Size

Levis Womens Plus Size

  • Flared jeans. This model is especially liked by curvaceous women and it is very cool that it returned to fashion. Pants from denim in the style of hippies are relevant, the presence of laces, buttons, finishing stitches and other decor are often used in these models, so be careful with such a decoration.

Fashion2love F2l7-7o00

Fashion2Love F2L77O00

  • Skinny jeans. Women plus-size often avoid narrow thin jeans with elastane. Yes, you need to be careful with this model, but you can and should be wearing them if properly selected and correctly combined with other clothes elements. To learn how to do this, read below.

Celebrity Pink Plus Size

Celebrity Pink Plus Size

  • Shortened jeans. It’s about the 7/8 model, which can be supplemented with ankle boots or heels.

Gloria Vanderbilt Women’s

Gloria Vanderbilt Womens

Let’s discuss these options in more detail!

Skinny Jeans for Curvy Figures

As we said, fitting jeans can and should be worn by full-figured girls. This model is universal and has already become a classic style that always fits women with the ample curves.



Celebrity Pink Plus Size Mid

Celebrity Pink Plus Size Mid

Ymi Junior’s

YMI Juniors

Usually, they choose black skinny jeans with good tissue density and a generous content of the elastic thread. The combination of black narrow trousers with white blouses will be a great choice. In black jeans and office blouses, you can go to work. The shirt or top should cover the belly – exactly up to the hip joint. Below this isn’t nice.

Skinny jeans should be worn with heels or shoes on a comfortable platform.

This model of jeans looks good with jackets and cardigans. This will allow you to create comfortable sets of clothes for every day in cool weather.

If you want to create an evening image – choose a beautiful top with a basque that will only attract attention and wide hips will look very organically in this image.

Best Curvy Fit Jeans

If you choose the correct flared jeans, they will become an integral part in creating stylish images, even for girls of the “plus” size.

Urban K Women’s

URBAN K Womens

Vibrant Women’s

Vibrant Womens

Nydj Women’s

NYDJ Womens

The correct flared fit jeans in this case will be models, in which the flare starts just below the knee. Especially with the return of fashion to the 70’s, these jeans just have to be in the wardrobe of every fashionista

You do not have to wear platform shoes! Modern women successfully combine flared jeans with shoes on an average heel or even flat shoes.

Choose a plain or striped top. Moreover, the modernity of the image will be emphasized by fringe, boa, trench and modern accessories.

A free T-shirt can serve an excellent addition for a simple walking style. It is best to decorate such an image if you tuck your T-shirt into your trousers. High waistline emphasizes femininity and beauty of the curvy forms.

You can emphasize the business style using a shirt – an excellent and beloved piece of clothing, which is borrowed from men. Ideal combination of flared jeans with a narrow monophonic or checkered shirt.

Thick Girl Jeans

Jeans with the high waist is just a godsend for those ladies who want to hide some of the shortcomings of their body. Overstated waist will help tighten the figure and visually elongate the silhouette.

Ive Jeans 5ive Women’s


Pasion Women’s Jeans

Pasion Womens Jeans

Levi’s Women’s Plus Size 311

Levis Womens Plus Size 311

In this case, the perfect option will be jeans, where the belt line is approximately at the waist level, just above the navel.

On contrary, you should avoid jeans with a low waist. Such a style is unprofitable to emphasize the problem areas in the waist and abdomen, especially when sitting.

An important advantage of thick girl jeans with a high waistline is the creation of the effect of an “hourglass figure” when your waist becomes visually narrower, and the hips are wider.

Colors can be any. Just pick the top on the tone darker than the jeans fabric (it’s always easier with the white jeans). We don’t recommend choosing jeans from a thin fabric, because thin denim changes shape, which can add visually extra pounds to you.

A t-shirt or an oversize shirt is perfect for summer outlooks. Highlight your waist with a strap – so your image will be more feminine.

For cool evenings, choose a knitted sweater, an elongated longsleeve of calm shades or cardigans to the thigh line.

Choosing a classic style, pick up a strict jacket.

Best Jeans for Short Curvy Women

Short curvy women can wear ankle jeans, which visually elongate the silhouette.

Levi’s Women’s Plus Size 711

Levis Womens Plus Size 711

Lee Women’s Plus Size

LEE Womens Plus Size

Rafaella Women’s

Rafaella Womens

With these jeans, you should always wear heels, so that the length of the legs does not visually decrease.

Straight jeans are perfect, because they are able to make the legs visually longer.

Drop-down lines of your top can visually pull out your silhouette, removing a few extra pounds, and the fitted style of the top can emphasize the seductive shape of the figure.

If you’re of small height, refuse the light jeans (it is recommended even for black girls, on whom light jeans usually show to advantage), models with tucked up pants, too narrow and elongated models. All these styles will visually shorten the legs.

Don’t pick up models that have a low waist. Of course, you can get into such a model, but it will not look very nice – the sides will stick out through any shirt or blouse and it will shorten you even more.

Best Jeggings for Curvy Girls

Jeggings also suit the curvy girls, the main thing is that the denim fabric is sufficiently dense, in order to avoid unaesthetic translucence of problem areas.

Seawhisper Tummy

Seawhisper Tummy

Levi’s Women’s Plus Size Perfectly

Levis Womens Plus Size Perfectly

Women’s Basic Jeggings Leggings

Womens Basic Jeggings Leggings

A girl who’s got some thighs on her should wear jeggings with caution.

Also, make sure that these jeans are matched to the size and do not pull the body too much: otherwise the aesthetic creases may form over the belt.

Best of all, jeggings will suit the curvy girls with a hourglass and a rectangle figure types.

Earlier it was mentioned that fitting jeans are best worn with an elongated blouse, cardigan or a tunic. It is better to put on shoes on a heel to such jeans.

Best Straight Leg Jeans for Curvy Figures

Straight leg jeans are ideal for girls with curvy figures.

Levi’s Women’s Plus Size 414

Levis Womens Plus Size 414

Lee Women’s Plus-size Relaxed Fit

LEE Womens PlusSize Relaxed Fit

Signature by Levi Strauss & Co. Gold Label

Signature by Levi Strauss Co. Gold Label

They visually lengthen their legs, thereby modeling a more slender figure.

Straight leg jeans are slightly more versatile than a skinny model, as they fit almost all types of figures.

The best option of the straight leg jeans for curvy juniors is a pair with a high waist, which will help tighten the problem area and cover up other body defects.

Wear such jeans with a shirt, jackets, tunic or a blouse. Shoes can be both the heeled and the flat ones.

Curvy Body Girl Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are the fashion trend of the past few years and it remains one of the leading tendencies now.

Trinity Jeans Womens

Trinity Jeans Womens

Cello Jeans V-ok Womens

Cello Jeans VOK Womens

V.i.p.jeans Plus Size Jeans

V.I.P.JEANS Plus Size Jeans

Chimikeey Women Ripped Knee

chimikeey Women Ripped Knee

Large holes on the jeans are in vogue. Careless treatment of the edges with a torn element is considered another highlight of the style.

However, fashionable distressed jeans for ample-bodied women can have a laconic design. Especially this solution is relevant for straight, tight and skinny styles. Here are holes in the knees, small slits or the effect of wiped cloth.

Initially, such a decor was possible only for urban style. In recent seasons, holes are interestingly diluted by non-strict classical bows and a feminine romantic.

Best Womens Big Butt Jeans

And of course, we can not help but mention the boyfriend jeans that are rightly considered to be the best women’s big butt jeans.

Evensleaves Women’s Jeans

Evensleaves Womens Jeans

Kut From the Kloth Women’s

KUT from the Kloth Womens

Lee Women’s Plus-size Modern Series Curvy-fit

LEE Womens PlusSize Modern Series CurvyFit

Ellos Women’s Plus Size

Ellos Womens Plus Size

Boyfriend jeans are called so because they look like jeans, which you borrowed from your boyfriend. They have a man’s cut, a loose fit on the hips and rough legs (which are so fashionably slightly wrapped up).

Boyfriend jeans are simply made for plus-size women. They are convenient to wear with any footwear – with sports shoes, high-heeled shoes, sandals, ankle boots.

With boyfriend jeans, girls can wear all sorts of clothes – shirts, tunics, sweaters, sweat shirts, shirts, blouses, parks, jackets, coats, ponchos.

Boyfriend jeans always  look STYLISH. You can make up an unlimited number of outlooks for daytime and evening time just with one pair of jeans!

Such models, thanks to their cut, do not squeeze your body and do not dig into it. Your forms look admirably with this denim clothing.

As you can see, there are a lot of really beautiful and stylish jeans styles for curvy women. In this article, we reviewed the best models of jeans for plus-size girls. And we hope that this article will be useful and serve a source of inspiration for you.

If you still don’t have any jeans in your wardrobe, it’s high time for you to buy them if you want to look stylish and fashionable.

Do not hesitate, conduct experiments with your appearance, and you will be gorgeous!

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